Welcome to my guitar tuition. Learning the guitar is a fun pursuit and although can
be frustrating at times can be very rewarding.

There is no age barrier to learning an instrument and I have been teaching for twenty
years helping individuals of all ages from the age of four up to adults.

My goal is to motivate you in your practice and have an enjoyable learning process but above all having you playing songs in as short a period as possible. My experience in teaching covers ensembles, big bands and rock groups.

If you already play but need help with development I could help shape your musical ideas and inform you of different theoretical approaches, devise a practice schedule and work on speed and articulation.

Haven’t bought a guitar yet? I can advise what instrument would suit your ability and style and the type of amp you may want to use.

I have recorded with many different projects and can offer recording techniques including microphone placement and using different amps and signal processors.

If any of my music appeals to you I would be happy to discuss my musical approach; regarding chord, scale relationships, techniques and tones.

If you are local I have a small studio, which I teach from and can offer a reduction in rates for Bay/Whitstable and Canterbury Resident cardholders.

Call now to start learning the guitar:
Simon Golding: 0781 402 1934 / 01227 740 927