"I remember feeling so astounded the first time I heard "Rough Ramblers" perform at the legendary Ronnie Scott's Jazz venue. There are various interpretations of Jazz-Fusion music, but it is very rare nowadays to hear it being played in its raw essence, especially with the originality of "Rough Ramblers".
The band obviously has its influences, yet their sound is very unique, and they play with such passion and sincerity. Simon Golding's wonderfully written compositons really do take the listener on a magical journey, and they are quite a challenge for any musician to play, yet Simon Pearson and Jules Jackson's contribution to the band is outstanding to say the least. I always experience a rush of excitement as Simon Golding takes off on a solo flight, for he is one of the finest guitarists I have listened to.

For me, "Rough Ramblers" are one of the most inspiring bands I have heard in recent times, and will appeal to any true Jazz-Fusion connoisseur. I look forward to hearing much more music from them with great anticipation." Seymour Nurse - thebottomend.co.uk

“Jazz fusion with some major influences from Pat Metheny, this is a serious gig for the guitar fusion lovers. It’s all there, a few bass solos, drum solo and great guitar playing with lots of effects and above all compositions that keep the attention”. Jazzre:freshed, London