Saturday, 30 April 2011

How lovely to do a gig in one’s own current home town. It was the annual Classic Car and Motorbike show, where the town saw a range of real beauties displayed for us all to see. Of course Doris preferred her Schwin bike to a car and Howard at Bikes Warehouse does a nice selection.

The sun was shining and a crowd had gathered to hear all participants on the main stage in Wimereux Gardens. Unfortunately the stage was in the shade and my vintage dress didn’t stop the wind driving through and it took all my energy to stop my teeth chattering – unfortunately love was not enough to keep me warm (unlike the song). I danced to keep the blood circulating!


I didn’t give my usual amount of facts although I did share the invention of the decade (40s), which of course was Tupperware – the little containers with a lifetime guarantee and at the Herne Bay boot fair you can usually pick up some bargains of the plastic variety.

The usual Madmen were not all in attendance but we had a fine pianist in Ivo Neame (a name famous in the Kent area), Dave Mannington of Walthamstow who did the honours on the bass and our lovely friend Gerard Atkins on trumpet and like the rest of us had to keep fiddling with his clothes pegs to keep his music in place. The two lovely Simons were in their usual places.

As usual I had a Victoria sponge cake with local strawberries (from Morrison’s) on the top, to share with the guests after, to chat and to give out my new flyers with upcoming dates.

Thanks to Chris West for our Herne Bay debut