Sunday 17th November 2013

Doris Day Duo – 20 Years in Film

We were invited to come and play at the Swan in Charing. The Swan is a beautiful fine dining restaurant (just look at the comments on Trip Advisor) with a choice of Thai or English cuisine that incorporates three separate areas, a bar, a bar and grill, and a more formal dining room where we were due to play. Owner of 17 years Christine Vaughan, presents special events once a month on Sunday nights.

My trusted ‘orchestra’ for the night was Simon Golding on guitar filling in for the big band and orchestra as heard on the original film sound tracks – it’s a big part to play in what is an exposed position for the both of us as a duo.

We enjoyed a lovely meal in the bar before we started and once the audiences plates were cleared following their first course we took our place in front of them. It was a very attentive audience and I enjoyed the silence between the songs while I took a sip of tea or water to wet my throat. It was a night to highlight the songs from the films but we did add in a few more. I talked about the influence Ella Fitzgerald had on

Doris and sang Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered then followed it with The Very Thought of You a song from ‘Young Man with a Horn’ in a big band scene. It's always nice to include Close Your Eyes by Bernice Petkere from 1932, as the feminist in me always tries to highlight the female influences and contributors in what was and still is a very male dominated industry – I should know I work in it.

Thanks to the Swan and the staff for their excellent hospitality. We're hoping it will become a yearly exc