Wednesday, 15 December 2010

It had been a hard week...snow, student protests etc. therefore trying to get into London was met with more challenges than normal and the Christmas season was upon us. As I mentally (if not physically) crawled through the day, a day where I had not spoken to preserve my voice and a day that ended with an hour’s kip on my bosses settee and a non-branded version of a Lemsip, I managed to muster up the energy and voice for my Christmas gig at The Spice of Life. Dressed in festive green and white with a hint of berry red we swung through the evening with the help of great singer Jeanie Barton (who is now supporting Georgie Fame!)

We added in I’ve Got My Love to Keep Me Warm (Berlin) to add a bit of Christmas to the evening.

Joining us for the first time since Duncan Haynes’ surprise return to Peru was jazz supremo Ross Stanley, on the trumpet one of my dearest friends Gerard Atkins. There was no cake this time but seasonal mince pies and satsumas for the diabetics! I joked that I had Tanqueray in my teapot as was customary in the days of old and had it really have been I may have numbed the swine flu!

In the audience there were faces old (Elaine and Graeme from EMI) and faces new Aine, Kitty and Amanda from Herne Bay!

Thanks to Paul Pace and all the fantastic and hard work he puts into the Spice of Life, down in Cambridge Circus, every Wednesday and Thursday, now in his thirteenth year!